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Leading Supplier of Wholesale Vintage Clothing in Los Angeles – Torgom Trading Co.

Torgom Vintage Trading Company is a Wholesale Vintage Clothing Company. If you are looking for wholesale vintage clothing in Los Angeles you have come to the right place. We offer a variety of clothing specializing in Men’s and Women’s vintage apparel from as early as 1900’s style fashion to the latest current style fashion such as Dresses, T-Shirts, Jeans, and Jackets.

We take pride in offering vintage clothing to retailers from around the world. Our company supplies the best vintage clothing to other Wholesale companies, Boutiques, Pop-up shops, Mom & Pop Business owners on Etsy, eBay, Web-based eCommerce stores, Film and Network Productions, designers with wholesale production, and other retail clothing shops who comes by and visit our wholesale vintage clothing warehouse from other parts of the world!

Our vintage clothing merchandise arrives in 1,000 lb. bales, 200 lb. bales and 100 lb. boxes. We sort the merchandise and hang it all on racks. We set new standards in user experience for all our wholesale vintage clothing and we are carefully inspect to the highest quality standards when sorting through each truck load. Our wholesale vintage clothes are strictly held to the highest standards and are always well cared for once they are placed in either of our warehouses.

Torgom Wholesale Vintage Clothing in Los Angeles. is a company built on values that were thoroughly integrated into our company culture starting from day one. The owner Tony Torres believes in adding new user experience to business owners looking for a Wholesale Vintage Clothing Company in Los Angeles. Torgom Wholesale Vintage Clothing is not a rag house store and we know how to properly treat vintage clothing in all its eras of life. If you believe vintage clothes are a unique part of fashion then you need to shop at our Wholesale Vintage Clothing Warehouse in Los Angeles. Torgom Wholesale Vintage Clothing contains all eras and style of clothing in jeans, denim wear, brand names, tops, jackets, shoes, and more.

At Torgom’s Wholesale Vintage Clothing company in Los Angeles, we love what we do. Each employee is an experienced professional who is well informed about all vintage eras and enjoys discovering more through hard work. Our whole staff is very welcoming and we’ll all be glad to help you.

If you are searching for a Vintage Clothing Wholesaler in Los Angeles contact Torgom Vintage Wholesale today at 323-567-2013

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Torgom Vintage Clothing Headquarters

4355 Fruitland Ave.

Second Floor Vernon, Ca, 90058

Office: (323) 567-2013

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Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm by appointment only.

$500.00 USD minimum in Warehouse Purchase
$3,000.00 USD minimum email Order.
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