Meet the Torgom Vintage Clothing Team


Tony: President

Alex: Supervising Manager/Boss

Christina: Manager, All Locations

Jazmin: Office Manager, Fruitland Location

Jeanette: District Locations Manager, District Location

Jacky: Floor Manager, Fruitland Location

Freddy: Floor Manager, District Location

Alejandra: Shipping Department, All Locations

About us:


Torgom Vintage Trading Co. is a Wholesale Warehouse that has the feel of a massive shop with the prices of Wholesale. We are not a Rag house. We believe Vintage should be cared for and not left in piles of clothing, where one cannot appreciate the value of a well-made garment that has stood the test of time.

Here at our Shops we supply Wholesale companies, Boutiques, Pop-up shops, Mom & Pop Business owners on Etsy, eBay, and Web based stores, Film and Network Productions, designers with wholesale production, and Clothing shops from all over the Globe.

The 53ft trucks arrive with a full shipment from tip to tail. All of the merchandise is consignment, so you are the first to see the clothing. The merchandise arrives in 1,000 lb. bales, 200 lb. bales and 100 lb. boxes. We sort the merchandise and hang it all on racks.

We enjoy what we do and our employees are knowledgeable in all Vintage eras and enjoy learning more. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Manager, Christina.

Contact Us

Torgom Vintage Clothing Headquarters

4355 Fruitland Ave.

Second Floor Vernon, Ca, 90058

Office: (323) 567-2013

Mobile: (323) 447-7408

Mobile: (323) 317-4764

Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm by appointment only.

$500.00 USD minimum in Warehouse Purchase
$3,000.00 USD minimum email Order.
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