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I’ve been going to Torgom for multiple years now, and each year gets better and better! I always find what I need. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. Also, there is tons of new inventory all the time, which means I can keep my storefront fully stocked at all times! Don’t hesitate giving them a call to make an appointment, you won’t regret it!

-Adam F.
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I have traveled from Pennsylvania to Torgom to make bulk purchases for my business several times in the past year.  It’s a far flight and there are options on the East Coast but I find Torgom has the pieces and prices I need.  If something isn’t in stock in the quantity I need, the staff has always tried to help me find more.  I find that customer service priceless and worth the cross country trip.

-Andy  P.
2nd Base Vintage

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I am a successful distributor of vintage and rare T Shirts and have been purchasing a significant amount of my inventory from Torgom on a regular basis for the past several years.  The Torgom team is always helpful and informative and the owners strive to maintain a steady flow of new merchandise which is key to the success off us vendors on the retail side.

-Mike T.
Metalshop Ventures LLC.

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Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm by appointment only.

$500.00 USD minimum in Warehouse Purchase
$3,000.00 USD minimum email Order.
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